What can I expect to feel during a reiki session?

There are no set expectations – each person reacts differently to the next and each treatment may differ from the previous.
On some occasions you may sense that parts of your body feel warm, even hot, (sometimes really hot!). Reiki is penetrating and helping this part of your body.
Sometimes parts of your body might feel cold instead. If you are suffering from an inflammation this can be Reiki’s way of cooling you down. You may feel some slight tingling.
I have had clients report feeling surges or waves of energy flowing through their body. They reported that this was a positive experience. Sometimes they cry as some of the old issues are released to be healed. It is impossible to anticipate what you might actually experience.
However, don’t be alarmed if you feel absolutely nothing. This does not mean that Reiki isn’t being received by you or that in some way you have failed. The healing energy is always received.


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