Minot has really grown both in interest in energy healing/metaphysical practices as well as the number of practitioners around the area.

It’s been so amazing to be a part of the growing movement as people are becoming more aware of the different ways of energy healing and other metaphysical modalities in my area in North Dakota. People are eager for more information and new ways to work with Spirit and energy and bring it closer to […]



I have met and worked with many wonderful new people in the community and look forward to meeting many more. I do still offer a free trial session if anyone is wondering about reiki and wants the opportunity to try it with no charge. I would love for more people to have a chance to […]

Reiki office open soon!

The office space will be ready in early June so please feel free to “like” my Facebook page and then contact me if you’d like a free half hour session. New clients who like my Facebook page will get a free session. There will be other introductory promotions as well! Whoo hoo! Getting so excited […]